All Colborne’s Forces Benefit Concert
proceeds are directed to Support our Troops & The Military Museums Foundation

About Support Our Troops

The Support Our Troops program is an invaluable Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) morale and welfare program administered by Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS). It is but one element of support that currently exists to help CAF members and their families meet unique challenges and individual circumstances, most often associated with the demands of military service. The team within CFMWS works closely with Department of National Defence (DND) staffs, as well as with provincial and municipal community agencies and other charitable organizations, to help find the best support for our members and their families.

The following are programs
Support our Troops funds: 

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THE HOSPITAL COMFORTS FUND - Ensures members of the CAF who are hospitalized for more than fourty-eight hours have access to basic comforts of home, such as reading material, access to television and internet, and commissary goods. Historically, the Hospital Comforts Fund has provided support to at least 300 members annually. 


THE MILITARY FAMILIES FUND - Allows the chain of command to quickly respond to the unique, unforeseen and often immediate needs of military members and their families. Annually, the Military Families Fund provides financial support to thousands of military families or their families. During 2013/2014, support from the Fund included: basic needs; employment transition; medical travel for families serving in remote locations; financial assistance for counseling support; as well as sending children to camp. 


THE SOLDIER ON PROGRAM - Is a highly visible and integral component of the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces’ commitment and priority towards the recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration of serving members and veterans with visible or non-visible illnesses or injuries. The program was created in 2006 to provide opportunities for Canadian Armed Forces members, past and present, to overcome their permanent or chronic illness or injury through participation in recreational, sporting and other physically challenging activities. Since its inception, Soldier On has helped more than 900 ill and injured members to: 

Acquire sporting or fitness equipment; Gain access to high-level training from world-class instructors; and participate in a wide range of structured activities from alpine skiing to fishing to adventure expeditions. 

BOOMER’S LEGACY - The mission of Boomer’s Legacy is “Helping Our Soldiers Help Others.” Since its establishment, Boomer’s Legacy has provided funds so that members of the Canadian Armed Forces, serving on deployments around the world, could help those most affected by war and poverty, with an emphasis on healthcare and education programs/services for women and children. As part of the Support Our Troops Program, Boomer’s Legacy will continue to be used to fund projects identified by CAF members, inside or outside Canada, which would otherwise be unaddressed, in order to provide an opportunity for goodwill and a positive view of the CAF members in the eyes of the local population being assisted through the project 


The Military Museums Foundation is a non-profit society that brings Canadian military heritage to life for over 18,000 students each year. By providing Alberta curriculum-based education programs, the Foundation supports The Military Museums’ mission to Remember, Preserve, and Educate.