“I have always had a deep respect for the work that the Canadian Armed Forces do to protect our country and I am humbled to be able to give back to them through this program, Colborne’s Forces. They sacrifice so much for our freedom and I can’t thank them enough for their honour and commitment to our country.”





Joe Colborne launched Colborne's Forces out of his respect for the Canadian Forces, and his desire to honour their dedication and sacrifice for protecting our country.

In 2014, he purchased seasons tickets for Canadian Forces members to attend every Flames home game. Following each game, the Canadian Forces guests meet the Flames forward and visit the team locker room. The guests are also saluted in-game throughout the year.

This program continues to this day, with Joe launching the first annual Colborne's Forces Benefit Concert in 2016 presented by Macquarie featuring Emerson Drive and George Canyon, with all proceeds directed to Support our Troops & The Military Museums Foundation.